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drinkSMART and Hi-Lyte are science-based wellness products which address the age-old issues of hangover recovery, liver detox and healthful rehydration for the Social Drinker. The development of drinkSMART and Hi-Lyte goes back to the founder’s experience in Graduate School at Harvard University. There he found that many friends and colleagues who followed otherwise healthy diet and fitness routines, also enjoyed alcoholic beverages socially. In fact, this became part of the career recruiting process and eventually work-life, with regular happy hours and industry events. He thought that there had to be a better way to restore lost productivity from hangovers and to bolster liver and immune health for otherwise healthy Social Drinkers. While still at Harvard, Adams began researching the growing field of scientific data around hangover recovery and liver detox, eventually partnering with a Doctor and Research PHD to develop drinkSMART., the most comprehensive formulation available to address hangover, liver detox and recovery. He later developed Hi-Lyte, a powerful electrolyte concentrate designed for rapid rehydration. These two products are powerful weapons in the fight against hangovers and lost productivity. We invite you to try them and wish you a productive, healthy and happy life!